Mission Statement

Client Centered

My mission is to design a financial plan that fits your life and will help you achieve your goals.  Having the confidence that your financial life is in-order will allow you to enjoy the other parts of your life that makes you unique.

Live Your Life Your Way.

One of my primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

My Process

My Process

  1. Consultation - This is an introductory interview aimed at assessing your fiscal situation along with identifying your goals and objectives. 
  2. Gathering Info - Assess your financial situation by analyzing your statements, assets and liabilities.. 
  3. Development and Presentation - Much like a blueprint provides the path to a desired result. Developing your personal financial plan will provide a detailed path towards pursuing financial stability.
  4. Implementation - Regarded as the most important step in the process due to orchestrating the plan created in step 3.
  5. Review and Monitor - Life is never a constant stream of consistent events, it's always changing. We plan for these changes by reviewing your situation frequently, and adjusting your dynamic financial plan to suit whatever needs arise or disappear. 

This process is personalized to your needs. Through our comprehensive and confidential consultations, we'll develop a plan as unique as you are.

My History

My History

In 1990, I graduated from St. John's University with a Bachelors of Science in Finance. My career in the Financial markets began in a boutique firm utilizing proprietary investment software. I developed Quantitative models for Portfolio/Pension Managers, and Institutions. After spending 10 years servicing institutions, 9/11/2001 changed my career focus entirely. Seeing the love shared between strangers was an inspiration that spurred a new goal. To utilize my knowledge of the financial markets in aiding individuals and families.   

My career brought me to Astoria, NYC where I have been contributing and servicing the local community since 2006. In October 2014 I was able to culminate my passion by becoming independent an independent advisor and obtaining my CFP Designation in May of 2015. 

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